Friday, October 19, 2012

My Trip to Sydney, Australia (Day 11): Phillip's Foote

That night we went to a local restaurant, Phillip's Foote, because we noticed an advertisement in the window for all you can eat bbq dinner for $31. What a deal! We even went during the day to check the place out and talk to someone in charge about the deal.

The all you can eat special involves picking your own meat (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc). Most raw meat was $31. Some cooked options for $28.
A butcher's case of sliced steaks for your choosing.
Then you cook it yourself on this outdoor grill to your own desire.
While you wait for your meat to cook, head to the salad bar for accompaniments. There was also a side bar for bread.
I chose the strip steak and paired with some marinated tomatoes, potato salad, Asian slaw, and some other mixed salad.
As you can see, my steak was undercooked. Mr. M&P was a little anxious at the grill and wasn't patient enough to let it sit some more. Timing is everything.
He had the marinated kebab with some pasta salad and vegetables.
After we finished our meat, we went back downstairs for another piece. Unfortunately, the woman at the counter asked for another $31 each. We said we had already paid for the all you can eat. She said, it's pay per piece of meat. The salad is all you can eat. WHAT?! We specifically went during the day and asked about it and they confirmed the all you can meat. They didn't budge. And she kind of laughed at the thought and said it would have been a good deal if the meat was all you can eat.  If we knew about this earlier, we probably wouldn't have gone in the first place. Even if we had chosen to dine anyway, Mr. M&P would have picked a different cut of meat like the T-bone. One measly kebab wasn't worth the price.

Come to think of it, if we were to order more meat a la carte, shouldn't it have been $31 minus the all you can eat salad bar (advertised as $20). So each additional meat should have been $11. That makes sense, no?

We both sulked and grabbed some dessert to finish the meal. We didn't see any cakes or pies as advertised. Instead, we had fruit from the salad bar which by the way was warm.
Our experience at Philip's Foote was completely disappointing. Not only did they mis-advertise their all you can eat menu, they also lied to use when we specifically asked about it earlier in the day. Also, the waiter service was outright bad. No one came around to take our drink order nor were we given any water. We sat at the top level which they insisted because all other tables were filled (which they were). And lastly, the nail in the coffin was the warm fruit on the salad bar.

I would never go back to Philip's Foote and would NOT recommend it to anyone. Lies, bad service, mediocre food. Not worth it.

Philip's Foote
101 George Street
The Rocks
NSW 2000, Australia
(02)9241 1485

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