Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Trip to Sydney, Australia (Day 12): Quay Deli

On our last full day in Sydney, we decided to do a walking tour without a specific route. Actually, it was completely Mr. M&P's idea and I loved it. We were going to walk through the neighborhoods with no specific goal and stop as we please. To fuel up for this long urban trek, we stopped for some breakfast at the Quay Deli.

This small shop boasted lots of sandwiches, tarts, pastries, etc. It was a one stop shop. Hot food or cold food was available. It reminded me of a bodgea but nicer.
We went with something small to share: the ham and cheese croissant, pressed to order ($4.50). This was really rich with the soft buttery and flaky bread, the salty ham, and the creamy swiss cheese melted under the heat of the press. It made our stomachs happy long enough until we reached our next destination.

Quay Deli
5 Alfred Street
Circular Quay
NSW 2000, Australia
(02) 9241 3571

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