Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Trip to Sydney, Australia (Day 12) Paddy's Market

After breakfast, we walked down to Paddy's Market where you'll find lots of hawkers selling all kinds of souvenirs. This is definitely the place to go to look for gifts. Strangely enough, a popular item was kangaroo scrotum. Oh silly tourists. As we walked around looking through piles of stuff, we found ourselves hungry again. There was a huge fresh market there with fruits and vegetables, we wanted something more composed. Luckily, we walked by this Vietnamese stand, Marrickville.

The menu was very limited but we saw something familiar, banh mi ($4.50). Or pork roll, as they advertised. This sandwich was smaller than what I'm used to in NYC but it wasn't short on flavor. The roast pork had a strange texture but the flavor was intense. The light schmear of pate was not enough for a duck liver lover like me but it lent its richness to balance out the pickled vegetables of and heat. The bread was incredibly light and crunchy. All together, it was a very well balanced sandwich.
I love it when random discoveries become delicious ones. Both Mr. M&P and I really enjoyed our lunch. It satisfied our taste buds as well as our stomachs. It didn't leave us feeling bogged down. And onward we went to discover more of the beautiful and tasty city of Sydney.

Paddy's Market - Haymarket
Hay Street and Thomas Street
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
1300361 589

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