Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Trip to Sydney, Australia (Day 12): Sydney Cove Oyster Bar

After Paddy's Market, we walked back to the hotel to drop off some of the goods I came away with. Then off we went again to explore more of the city. One of the places that we eyed earlier on our trip was the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar right near the Sydney Opera House. It seemed so relaxing to be by the water on a warm day with the view of the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. Can't get better than that.

We sat down and were given some bread with oil and vinegar immediately. I wanted to point this out because bread before a meal is not the norm in Australia. In NYC, you almost always get a roll or some sliced bread to snack on. Here, not so much.
We were there for one reason: oysters. Oh how I love raw oysters! We went with the special which were a dozen of well fleet oysters ($28). Apparently a dozen doesn't mean 12. We happily received 14 of these briny bivalves. These oysters were so incredibly fresh that no seasoning was needed. Just a squirt of lemon to balance out the salty, creamy natural flavors. So plump and juicy. The only complaint that I have is that they didn't shuck the meat completely from the shell.
As we relaxed in our seats with the breeze coming off the water, we cheered to our fantastic vacation with a couple of Peroni beers to wash down the oysters.
I could have chowed down on 2 orders of those oysters easily on my own. But, there was more food to be had later in the day. I needed self control. And self control I showed.

Sydney Cove Oyster Bar
LOT 1 Circular Quay E
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9247 2937

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  1. I also found the oysters in Australia totally outstanding!!


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