Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Trip to Sydney, Australia (Day 12): Italian Village

After our long walk, we were really tired so we went back to the hotel to relax. I probably took a nap.  But we didn't forget about dinner. We stayed local and went to the Italian Village. Sure it was touristy but we were dead tired and it was raining. There were a few choices along the same strip but we stuck with Italian.

Neither one of us were extremely hungry to we chose only entrees. I had the Capunti ($28) which was pod shaped pasta with asparagus and white fish in an asaparagus cream sauce with preserved lemon. The pasta was al dente but the cream sauce was too heavy for the warm weather. It just sat in my stomach uncomfortably. But the night was saved because I switched my dish with Mr. M&P.
He had the Calamarata ($27) which was large ring shaped pasta with calamari in a shellfish sauce with garlic, chili, and roasted bread crumbs. What they didn't advertise were the tomatoes. Large chunks of it too. If you know Mr. M&P, then you know about his disdain for tomatoes. He happily traded and I happily accepted as this was much lighter and cleaner in flavor. We both ordered something that the other would have enjoyed more.
Overall, the meal was okay to good. Nothing spectacular but enjoyable enough. And if ambiance means anything to you, then check out these views from our seats. The Sydney Harbor Bridge on one side.
And the Sydney Opera House on the other. Quite romantic, no?

Italian Village
7 Circular Quay West
Sydney NSW 2000
+61 1300115 116

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