Monday, October 1, 2012

Parsi Dinner Party

When my in laws host a party, the really special food makes an entrance. Some of them are too time consuming to make on a regular basis. But for a party? Of course! I happily volunteered my services to help clean/pick up after the party in return for delicious food.

The appetizers were first with budja which is a fried onion fritter served with green chutney.
Spinach kavobs are also deep fried but the innards is soft and creamy with lots of spices. A squeeze of lime really brightens it up.
Fried whole peppers are on the menu for the spice fiends. Jalapenos on the left for the mild and serrano chiles (I think) on the right for those more daring.
And now for the main course. A buffet of goodies lined the kitchen counter. First up, the pattis. Oh the wonderful pattis. They are like hand sized cottage pie. Seasoned ground meat surrounded by mashed potatoes and deep fried. Some people love these so much that they don't eat anything else. Just a plateful of pattis.
And the real specialty was the bheja. That's goat brains to you. This isn't the first time I've seen this dish. It is, however, the first time I ate it. Yes, I tasted it. It was exactly how I would imagine it to be. The texture was glandular like sweetbreads. The taste was bland and creamy. However, I did not enjoy it and won't be eating it again. At least now I can say I tried it. PS: It didn't absorbs the spices and flavors nearly as much as people said it did.
Homemade rotli for the bread fanatics. Crispy, sweet flatbread.
Leguna stew is similar to a vegetable succatash. Lots of vegetables and legumes cooked together for a very long time forming a uniform texture and taste.
Shrimp curry is Mr. M&P's favorite. This nut based curry is very different from the other curries you see in Indian restaurants. You won't smell of masala after eating this but it still contains lot of spices.
Dessert from Ms. Pastry Chef was chocolate cake with dolce de leche ice cream and french vanilla ice cream. The perfect size after a large meal.


  1. AAAhhhh, my eyes ARE punched by too much deliciousness going on.

    Goat brains? Never had. Would try though.

  2. Where do you get goat brains? I feel like that's not waddayacallit approved, like how rabbit is sometimes not labeled... who was I just talking to who said in France, rabbits HAVE to be sold with their heads on because otherwise it might be cat? Okay, I remember who, but if I told you, you'd say I was name dropping, hahaha! Anyway, this looks great, making me suuuuuuper excited!!! :)

    1. Some kind of specialty butcher, I assume. You can ask my MIL when you see her.

  3. I've searched for Parsi restaurants since discovering your blog but to no avail. Do they exist?

    1. To my knowledge, no. Not even in India.



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