Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Trip to Auckland, NZ (Day 17): dine by Peter Gordon

We wanted to end our epic trip to Australia and New Zealand with an extravagant dinner. So we settled on dine by Peter Gordon in the Sky City Hotel and casino. It was a fancy affair and we dressed up nicely for it.
We went for the a la carte menu as opposed to the degustation menu which we oohed and aahed over. The issue was that we weren't very hungry. No point in wasting money and food if we didn't think we could finish it.

After we ordered, the meal started with an amuse bouche of seared tuna served rare with baby greens, roasted coconut shavings, and a lemony aioli. It was refreshing and light. A good meal starter. In terms of execution, it was just okay. It wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. It just didn't wow us.
For his starter, Mr. M&P had the scallops and prawn open raviolo ($28) with shaved fennel salad, strawberry tomatoes, and prawn bisque. The scallops were certainly tender but didn't have the amazing natural sweetness that I normally find in fine dining restaurants. Again, the dish was nice but not amazing.
I had the crayfish and coconut laksa ($27) with green tea noodles, a prawn, an oyster, and a crayfish. All garnished with coriander, mint, and crispy shallots. I've never had laksa before but have heard wonderful things about it. It's a combination of several cultures and their flavors so this should be a very complex dish with sweet, sour, bitter, savory, and umani all in one. I got a glimpse of that in this dish but not a powerful one. It tasted creamy, and slightly rich. The seafood was light and fresh. The noodles were chewy but the green tea flavor was lost in the laksa. Overall, it was just okay for me.
For his main dish, he had the roast wagyu filet ($48) with celeriac and potato gratin, braised short rib, spinach, red pepper relish, and wonton. The wagyu was not as good as we thought it would be. It wasn't completely tender. It actually didn't have a lot of flavor which was disappointing. The mashed potato like gratin was too think and gummy. The spinach, relish, and wonton was nice though.
I had the roast lamb rump ($41) with herb potato gnocchi, roast tomatoes, broad beans, confit garlic, and minted caper salsa. The lamb was very tender and juicy. Much better flavor and texture than the wagyu. The gnocchi was too thick and heavy. Not the heavenly pillows of potato I was craving. The other garnishes was just fine.
Overall, our experience at dine at Peter Gordon was just okay. Nothing stood out to us in terms of the food. It tasted fine but there was no excitement to be found. For the prices, I wouldn't go back.

dine by Peter Gordon
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
(09) 363 7030

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