Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Trip to Auckland, NZ (Day 17): Mrs Higgins

After we landed in Auckland, NZ, we walked around to get a lay of the land. We weren't very hungry but knew we needed to eat something small to tie us over until dinner. Lucky for us, we passed by a cookie stand. Oven fresh cookies? Sure! Thanks Mrs. Higgins.

The display case was quite nice and since it was the late afternoon, they were having a sale on the cookies. They wanted to get rid of the day's baked goods to make room for tomorrow. I think it was buy one get one free. I can't remember now. And my lazy self had stopped taking notes by now.
Mr. M&P and I shared a double chocolate chunks cookie and a chocolate chip cookie. We always like to try a classic to compare. These cookies were excellent. Warm, soft, chewy, and a good balance of sweet and salty. Nothing fancy here. Just a good old fashioned cookie that will satisfy your cravings.

Mrs Higgins
268 Queen Street
Auckland, NZ
09 373 4284

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