Friday, November 9, 2012

My Trip to Auckland, NZ (Day 18): Isha Sushi

After the awesome pancake we walked around the area and looked at shops and enjoyed the city. We stopped briefly for some sushi rolls from Isha Sushi. Sushi shops like this were aplenty in Auckland and it seemed like people grabbed the food to go.

We shared 2 rolls ($4.80) with shrimp and salmon. Extra soy sauce costs extra money. So be mindful of your intake. Anyway, this was the perfect snack. It wasn't perfect in flavor or execution but it was what we expected. The nori seaweed was slightly chewy, the rice was decent (not too hard or soft), and the seafood was fresh enough. It filled our stomachs and left us feeling satisfied until our next stop.

Isha Sushi
166 Queen Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand
(09)377 2388

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