Friday, November 9, 2012

My Trip to Auckland, NZ (Day 18): No 1 Pancake

After our first night in Auckland was disappointing, we decided to walk around the next day to find other treats. We didn't have an agenda so we were going on luck here. The first stop, No. 1 Pancake. We literally just stumbled upon this place just walking around the city. I noticed a delicious smell in the air and followed it. Then I came across this stand with lots of people gathered around. They were mostly students since we were in the University area.

From this Korean stand, you choose a savory or sweet pancake with filling. They're handmade to order and cooked quickly. They dot the top with a filling ingredient to differentiate the pancakes while they are cooked on the hot griddle top.
We tried the chicken and cheese and the ham and cheese (~$4.50 each). They were fantastic. What a great street food. The pancake batter is light yet chewy. Very unlike the cake-like pancakes in the States. The inside was filled generously with the filling, then flattened on the griddle. Each bite of savory pancake and filling made me happy. What a great breakfast!
Sometimes the best meals can be found around the corner. Students really know where to go for cheap, yet good street food.

No 1 Pancake
Lorne St. (at Wellesley St.)
Auckland Central
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

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