Monday, November 26, 2012

My Trip to Baltimore, MD: Faidley's

When I travel, I'm such the tourist. I really go and eat what the city is known for. I mean, it's famous for a reason right? Sure, there can be crappy renditions of the dish but I'm looking for the best of the best. And usually, I can find it with some research of course. For Baltimore, they are famous for their crab cakes. I, for one, love crab cakes. I love all seafood really. But crab cakes are one of the top for me. Why? Well, it takes a lot of time to pick meat out of a crab. And it's even harder to pick large lumps of crab meat out. It's costly and time consuming. So if someone can do all the work for me, then I'm eternally grateful. Don't get me wrong, I love sitting down at the table and cracking crabs for hours on end. But sometimes, I don't want to get messy and really want to just dive right into the immediate satisfaction of that sweet meat.
While looking for a city's best dish, I usually start at establishments that have been around for a very long time. All those years of experience definitely adds something that no one else has. And if the business can stay in the family the whole time, then that's even better. So with these things in mind, I looked for the best crab cake in Baltimore. Faidley's came up several times from different sources. That was good enough for me to seek it out on our trip down to Maryland.
When I walked into Faidley's with Mr. M&P and Ms. Pastry Chef, I was elated. It was exactly as I would have imagine and the reviews were spot on. It wasn't fancy, there was no seating (standing room only), and you order from the line.
It wasn't too crowded when we went (before 11 am) but more and more people came in as we waited.  I guess it was getting close to lunch time. Don't feel like having cooked food? There's a raw bar in the middle boasting oysters, clams, and the like. Get up close and personal with your shucker.
To start off our meal, some deviled eggs. Creamy yolks and tender whites. Nothing special but simple and enjoyable.
And as a last minute decision, fried oysters. I love oysters. Served raw is my favorite but I'll take them fried too. The freshly shucked bivalves were creamy and briny then lightly breaded and perfectly fried.
And now the star of the show, the all lump crab cake ($13). There are 2 kinds of crab cakes on the menu. Go for the all lump. It's more money but it's worth it. Hardly any filler and giant. This was fist sized. A nice browned crusty outside...
...and super tender sweet meat inside. You can see each and every lump of crab meat. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients with moist, huge lumps of crab in each and every bite. Could I ask for more? No, this was perfect.
Of all the crab cakes in all the land that I've ever had, this is the best. I mean they really perfected it. The amount of the crab, the quality of the crab, the cooking of the crab cake. Everything just worked perfectly. The price is well worth it. If they sold this in NYC, it would easily be close to $20.

Faidley's is worth going out of your way.

203 North Paca Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 727-4898


  1. um, that crab cake seriously looks incredible!

  2. Ditto FFG - that crab cake looks amazing, and definitely worth the $13! Glad the oysters were good too - I usually don't like fried oysters because there's too much breading and you hardly taste the oysters. Those looks like a good balance though!


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