Monday, November 5, 2012

My Trip to Queenstown, NZ (Day 14): Aggy's Shack

When we finally arrived back to the hotel in Queenstown, we wanted to tour the town a bit more and slowly made our way. However, we were quickly stopped in our tracks when we spotted this hut. It was a fish and chips hut. Oh yes! I immediately requested a stop for dinner at Aggy's Shack.

This low key stand on the corner was just the kind of place that I knew I would love. You order at the window and they fry your dish to order. Mr. M&P had the namesake fish and chips which were delicious. Very fresh and tender fish lightly battered and fried until incredibly crispy. The chips on the bottom were fried perfectly as well. Crispy outside, soft inside.
I went for the fried oysters with squid rings. Again, perfectly fried to order. The oysters were creamy and briny on the inside with a nice light breaded coating on the outside. A squeeze of lemon brightened it up. The squid rings were just okay. The frying was great and all but the squid was pre-formed and battered. You can tell because it looked different from the other battered seafood we ate. The sweet thai chili sauce on the side helped mask the premade taste though.
And as a daring feat, I chose some raw fish too. It was served with coconut cream so any real freshness was masked. However, I thought it tasted light and refreshing. And most of all, I didn't get sick that night. But since I couldn't taste the fish itself, I wouldn't get it again.
I absolutely loved this stand and vowed to go back before we left. So look out for another post about Aggy's Shack.

Aggy's Shack
Church Street
Queenstown, New Zealand
(03) 4424076

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