Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Trip to Queenstown, NZ (Day 15): Patagonia Chocolates

After dinner, we walked over to Patagonia to try out some of their chocolate confections. We picked a milk chocolate alajfor which is a shortbread sandwich cookie with ganache, and two bon bons: passion fruit and coffee.

The sandwich cookie wasn't very good. The cookies themselves were very dry and the chocolate ganache was too sweet. It wasn't well balanced at all.
The passion fruit flavor in the bon bon was very muted. I couldn't taste it past the chocolate. The coffee flavor in the bon bon was muted as well which is strange because coffee is a very strong flavor naturally. Both were absolutely too sweet. Maybe I should have opted for the churros with chocolate but it was $11 for 5 small churros. That's just too expensive for me.

Overall, I just wasn't impressed by Patagonia.

Patagonia Chocolates
50 Beach Street
Queenstown 9300
New Zealand
(03) 442 9066

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