Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Trip to Queenstown, NZ (Day 16): Roasted Lamb & Mint Kettle Chips

After lunch, we looked around for one last adventure since we had so much time before the end of the day. We wound up signing up for a zipline eco-venture that started back up at the Peak. Instead of paying for the gondola ride again, we decided to hike up. They said it was considered an easy hike and many people walk up to work every day. Okay, sounded nice to us. Oh how wrong I was. It was great seeing the forest but it was not an easy hike at all. Sure I wasn't in the best shape but this was no joke. I struggled with the steep steps and unmarked trails. I finally did get to the top but it was one hell of a trip. Once at the top, I rested up a bit before going back down by zipline which by the way was awesome. We learned a lot about the wildlife there, both animal and plant based. In between, we rode quickly between platforms on wires at a high speed. They even taught us to do tricks while zipping. I, being afraid of heights and all, just rode sitting up with my hands gripping the harness tightly. But if you're the daring type, you can go upside down, backwards, etc.

Once back at the hotel and rested, I dug into a bag of kettle cooked chips. It was roasted lamb and mint flavored. And another fail in meat flavored potato chips. It didn't have a lot of lamb flavor and the mint was overpowering. This just hasn't been a very good trip for chips.

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