Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Trip to Queenstown, NZ (Day 16): Skyline Cafe

Another day with adrenaline filled events like speedboating and a helicopter ride. Halfway between our adventures, we stopped at the Skyline Cafe on top of the Peak. The views of the city were beautiful. The cafe found there, not so much.

Upon first impression, the Skyline Cafe seemed very much like a cafeteria with its plastic trays and buffet like set up. It was still early in the morning so we had a couple of breakfast items. I had the apple cinnamon doughnut ($4.50) while he had the steak, bacon, and cheese meat pie.
The doughnut was sweet, as expected, but not overly so. The apple pie like filling was sweet, gooey, and the perfect type of doughnut stuffing. I was happy with my choice.
The meat pie, however, was terrible. The crust was thick and not very flaky. The filling was thick, gloppy, and tasted strange in a very bad way.
If you up on top of the Peak, try the restaurant. That seemed much better than this mediocre cafe.

Skyline Cafe
Brecon Street
Queenstown 9300
New Zealand
+64 3 441 0101

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