Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Trip to Queenstown, NZ (Day 17): Aggy's Shack

On our last day in Queenstown, NZ we decided to take it easy and have a meal at our favorite seafood shack: Aggi's. We only had a few hours so this quick meal was just perfect. I tried the steamed New Zealand mussels which were great. These large, thin, and green bivalves had juicy, plump meat inside. I'm not sure how many graced the take out container but definitely more than a dozen.

As an homage to his meals in Queenstown, Mr. M&P had the fish and chips. Just as good as the first time. Lightly battered and fried fish fillet. It was big enough to share. Lots of crispy fries on the bottom.
Ah, what a great way to end this leg of the trip. Then off to Auckland we went!!

Aggy's Shack
Church Street
Queenstown, New Zealand
(03) 4424076

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