Monday, November 19, 2012

Ramen Misoya

On a cool morning walking around the city shortly after Hurricane Sandy, Mr. M&P and I found ourselves downtown to see how NYC was faring. Some places were still closed while most were reopening for the first time since landfall. People here are resilient and we were happy to partake in helping those get back to business as normal. We ended up at Ramen Misoya after many failed attempts at other places. Cold and hungry, ramen seemed to be the right thing to eat just then.

I went with the Shiro miso ramen with cha siu ($13.80). This lighter miso ramen is less intense but I liked the accompaniments better like the crispy fried tofu and salty, fatty pork. The ramen noodles were springy and chewy in the lightly rich broth. I slurped each strand up alternating with the broth and the toppings. It was a lot of food but I ate it all. I couldn't finish all the broth though. It was too much for me.
This unexpected meal turned out pretty good. We were both satisfied with the quality of the food and service. We have plans to come back and try the other miso ramen.

Ramen Misoya
129 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-4825

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  1. Oh, crispy fried tofu? I haven't seen it accompany ramen before but it would be a welcome treat.


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