Monday, December 31, 2012

Chinese Mirch

One rainy workday, I found myself without a bagged lunch. I wasn't really feeling like having anything in particular so I just perused the internet to see which food trucks were in the area. Chinese Mirch has been on my radar mainly for their dumplings or momos as they call it. In general, Chinese Mirch makes Indian Chinese food. A fusion cuisine based on Chinese food but with Indian spices and aromatics.

Momos are handrolled fried Tibetan dumplings. They come 5 to an order which isn't nearly enough for me. So I chose two different kinds to try out. First the spinach momo ($6) which came with a white wrapper and lightly fried on each side.
The inside is lots of chopped spinach and some white cheese. I couldn't detect the cheese but the filling was creamy. It was more like a creamed spinach. I was expecting paneer but they never advertised that. While the filling was okay, the wrapper was gummy. It was as if the dumplings were premade and just sat there absorbing moisture.
The other order of momos was the Keema ($6) which was minced lamb with peas. These came with a yellow wrapper.
The filling in this dumpling was better. I enjoyed the texture and flavor more. It was hearty and well seasoned. The wrapper, unfortunately, was gummy as well. It wasn't enjoyable.
Both dumplings came with a sweet sauce (similar to duck sauce) and a spicy chili sauce.
I wasn't really impressed by the momos from Chinese Mirch. The wrappers were both gummy and the fillings just okay. It just didn't do it for me. Too bad, there's so much potential there.

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