Monday, December 24, 2012

FBM Potluck 11

Yay! Another FBM potluck. These are so awesome. Lots of good homemade food, booze, and games. We always have a good time. While I toned it down with my contributions to the menu this time, my friends stepped it up. First up, a holiday ham from one of our dear hosts, CT. A sweet glaze covered with salty and savory ham. It was a bit dry but the flavor was there.

She also made some chocolate peppermint whoopie pies each with the spirit of Christmas colors. The cake was rich and light. The mint was muted but I preferred it that way. I'm not the biggest mint fan. Chocolate, yes. Well, not more that Mr. M&P or Dessert Zombie.
Our other host, TT, made haleem which is a thick stew usually made with meat and lentils. He called it meat paste. Hahaha! Whatever the name, it was delicious. Some warm naan bread served as the vehicle to shove the thick paste into my mouth. It was like loose pate for me. Delicious!
Cheese made shepard's pie with proper ground lamb. The meat had a nice funk and the mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy. A really good winter dish. It was also good to soak up all the alcohol being consumed.
Beer Boor made sausage stuffed jalapeno and cheddar biscuits. He didn't like how they came out but they were just fine. They would have been better with fried chicken...ahem ahem.
Dessert Zombie brought over the booze but he always shows up with something else. To appease the host, he brought sliced meats and a foie gras terrine. Oh how we love foie. We can never put too much on a small mini toast. I forgot about the meat and foie over the day but devoured it at night at the disgust of some friends. Hahaha!
Mr. M&P bought some arancini from his favorite local Italian market. A nice crunchy outside with a soft cheesy rice inside as well as a final inner core of seasoned meat. A splash of sweet and tangy marinara is all it needs to balance out.
KC made stromboli. We always peer pressure her to make it. Why? Because it's freaking delicious!! She really outdid herself with the variety this year with: ham and cheese, pepperoni and sausage, and beef and cheese. This is just a small glimpse of what she brought. She really is our beloved nonna.
And if that wan't enough, she made her own butter to go with some bread she bought. There was a pumpkin spice butter but I really adored the sage and browned butter. A really nutty, and caramelized flavor balanced out with the herbaceousness of the sage.
Wait, there's more. She also outdid herself with the chocolate covered macaroons and dried pineapple with coconut and chocolate (not pictured). I didn't try any as she warned us it was very sweet. No worries, Dessert Zombie never says no to sweets.
Nommables made some vegan summer rolls stuffed with cooked tofu, taro, and jicama along with lettuce and carrots wrapped in rice paper. This was a really nice refreshing contrast to our meat heavy and gout enducing spread. I happily ate these throughout the day.
He also made a blanc manger which was very much like a panna cotta but much creamier and milkier in my opinion. I think he used his own homemade almond milk which he soaked himself. These were awesome! It didn't even need the raspberry sauce. I kept eating the small shots of desserts struggling without a spoon but too lazy to get one. It didn't stop me from devouring it though.

Sir Eats A Lot and his Midwestern Cheese Curd brought some roasted pork tenderloin with an apple/pear glaze. He also made a sauce with a ton of ingredients which I can't remember but what I do know was that the pork was tender and juicy. The glaze wasn't overly sweet but a nicely balanced with the meat.
And lastly, I made garlic bread which burned in the oven while toasting. I knew I shouldn't have walked away while the broiler was on. Sigh. I ended up scraping off the garlic pieces to salvage the bread. What a disappointment. Luckily. The butter was infused with garlic flavor so it wasn't a total loss.
I also made a pumpie pie which was extra spicy. If you like spice and a bit if heat, you'll like this pie. It was a little overly spicy for me but some people enjoyed it. I'll find the perfect balance one day. One day.


  1. Another awesome holiday potluck!!

    I'm just happy the Foie was eventually finished by you and long as it didn't go into a vodka-soda with gummy bears.

    Apples to Apples was really fun too.

  2. You're funky. :P

    All was good at this potluck.

    I need to order Cards Against Humanity...I keep forgetting...maybe at lunch time.

  3. The over-toasted garlic was awesome on that bread! I took so much of it home...

    The foods were outstanding this Xmas. Everything was so tasty and I had a ton of leftovers, which was of course the perfect end to an excellent party.

    I promise I'll do a lot of frying at my apartment for the next potluck I host.

  4. All the food was delish!! The leftovers did well too.

    @Witzel... when's that happening??? Can't wait for more fried chicken!

  5. Will you folks ever tell me what FBM really stands for? Yvo says she no longer is in FBM and I should pester ya'all instead

    1. Well that wouldn't be any fun, would it? If you want to know, come meet us one day. At a Midtown Lunch Happy Hour perhaps?

  6. I didn't know those even still went on - since the MTL forums are no longer up, and those were organized (often by Yvo) in those forums

    1. Yea, they haven't happened since the forums went down but I wonder if the ML Team would be willing to let someone or Yvo write a post about an upcoming happy hour.


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