Monday, December 3, 2012


I finally made my way to Parm. Everyone has talked about it. Everyone has raved about it. Honestly, I felt left out. I wanted a delicious chicken parmigiana sandwich too! So Mr. M&P suggested it one day as we surprisingly had nothing to do but to walk around the city and enjoy ourselves.
We made sure to arrive a bit early around the time they opened at 11am to avoid waiting. And that proved to be the best move. We were sat immediately and noticed how small and cramped the space is. We were comfortable but I can see how awkward it might be when the place is packed. I don't particularly enjoy hearing my neighbors' conversations, hot gossip or not.

After we looked at the menu for a bit we decided to start with spicy rabe ($6) as a vegetable to our meat and carb heavy sandwiches. This side dish was really good. Slightly spicy and hardly bitter. A nicely rounded flavor of heat, tang, and bitterness.
I also asked the waiter if they had any calamari today. He gladly said yes. You see, they only serve fried calamari when it's fresh and available. I like that concept. The basket of fried squid ($14) came quickly and freshly fried to order. Soft, supple rings lightly battered and fried to perfectly. They weren't the slightest rubbery. So delicate and light. The accompanying peppers was really nice too. Most were sweet but a couple had some light heat. The basket was pretty big but it was so expertly fried that I didn't feel bogged down at all. There wasn't heavy breading nor a greasy feel to this dish. I enjoyed it very much and it was one of the better fried calamari dishes I've had in a long while.
The calamari came with some marinara sauce, a lemon wedge, and a aioli (a emulsified mayo-like sauce). They both tasted pretty good and I alternated between the two. You bet that lemon was squeezed over the hot fried calamari right away. Love that citrus tang!
And now the main sandwiches. Mr. M&P had the meatball parm hero ($12)...
...while I had the chicken parm hero ($12).  Both were absolutely delicious. Why? I'll start with the chicken parm. The cutlet was pounded thin and fried up crispy. Not fried chicken crispy. It's not that kind of batter. But a nice breaded chicken kind of crispy. Then topped with an amazing marinara sauce, oozing creamy mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil on top. This was all stuffed in a sesame seeded bun with a soft interior yet slightly crusty outside. It led to a lightly chewy bread and that easily gave way to my voracious bites. So few elements, each executed very well. That made a good sandwich.
The meatball parm was very similar with the sauce, cheese, herbs, and bread. The difference was the main protein. The meatballs weren't round and shaped into balls. Instead, they were more flat which led to much easier eating. Don't you hate it when you bite into a meatball sandwich only to have one fall out the other end? Didn't happen here. Each and every bite encompassed meat, sauce, cheese, herbs, and bread.

These pictures really doesn't do it justice. They're not pretty, I admit. But it tasted damn good. I grew up eating chicken parm heroes from my local pizza joint. Though I don't regret those and still eat them from time to time, this was a step up. A HUGE step up. I will undoubtedly be back.

248 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 993-7189


  1. check out the Saratoga Club next time. probably the best chicken salad sandwich I ever had.

    Did you notice the octopus "traffic light" near the door? Green light = they have calamari. Red = they don't. Creative.

    1. I knew of the octopus traffic light but I was sitting in the back and couldn't see it from where we were.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the chicken parm. I, too, will eat one time to time at my local pizza place. Nothing to rave about but when you crave it, gotta answer the call.

    I wasn't too impressed by their chicken last time I went as much as the very first time, but might have to go for the meatball finally.


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