Monday, February 25, 2013

Fishing Shrimp [CLOSED]

Fishing Shrimp is a food truck serving fried seafood to happy customers. You smell the oil as your walk up the block. Everything is fried to order so no old, decrepit seafood here. Their menu is small  but enough to satisfy most fried seafood fans.
I went to the truck with the expectation of getting the Everything Combo ($18) which includes fried shrimp, fish, conch, and french fries. Unfortunately, they were out of fresh conch that day. Too bad. I'm quite the fan of conch and have eaten it throughout my childhood. So instead, I had the Fish, Shrimp, and Chips Combo ($13) which wasn't too bad of a consolation prize. The order was taken, breaded seafood hit the hot oil, and I was on my way to delicious fried food.

The size of the order is huge. More than one person should or could handle. It was definitely more than I could eat so I skipped most of the fries and ate the more expensive stuff: shrimp first then the fish. This platter easily had about 6-8 fried medium sized shrimp, about 6 fillets of fish, and 2 large handfuls of fries on the bottom. The fish is a white fish and probably cod or haddock, the more common fried fish in this area. The fillets ranged in size from medium to extra large. It was ridiculous how much fish was on this platter. As for the breading, it was light and crisp. I really hate thick breading and that wasn't the case here. The seafood stayed relatively crunchy on my walk back to the office. As for the taste, it was fresh and tender. The meat stayed juicy and they seasoned the whole platter well.
You can't really see the shrimp in the above picture but here's a closer look. Again, light batter, well fried, crispy, and yet still juicy.
I really enjoyed my meal from the Fishing Shrimp Truck. I think they know what they're doing in terms of the fryer. The only drawback is that the fries also taste like fish because they use the same oil. I'll definitely go back when I get that seafood hankering again. I also heard that they have new items on the menu including a fried fish po boy, an oyster po boy, and tacos. Interesting. Very Interesting.

Fishing Shrimp Truck
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