Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Korzo Haus

A long, long time ago I went to Korzo Haus to give away a couple of mooncakes to friends. Could I have just met them and passed on the goods? Sure but what's the fun in that. So we all agreed to go to Korzo Haus mainly because I said I've never been there and wanted to try the deep fried burger. Yes, you read that right. The DEEP FRIED burger.

Korzo Haus offers cuisines with roots deep from Central and Eastern Europe like Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. My fried original Korzo burger ($14) was an all beef patty wrapped in a soft dough then fried until golden. Along with the beef, they stuffed bacon, cheese, mustard, and pickles into the dough. It was good. Real good. The bread was soft with a slight chew. The beef patty remained medium as I ordered it. The mustard and pickles added the nice acidity that it needed to cut the fat and grease. I would have done without the bacon since it really didn't do anything for me taste nor texture wise. The burger comes as is with no sides though they garnished the plate with cabbage, apples, and mayo.
In general, I enjoy burgers best with a side of fries or something very similar like halusky ($6). This spatzle like dish is deep fried until crispy and golden. Addicting, yes. Luckily, the burger is so filling that I can't house these down as I would like.
I really enjoyed my burger and halusky at Korzo Haus. Portions are good and service friendly. The place is really small though. I mean like 3-4 tables only small. Sitting at the bar is sometimes the better bet. No excuse though. If you like burgers, try this one.

Korzo Haus
178 E 7th Street

New York, NY 10009
(212) 780-0181


  1. Holy moly. A fried bread burger!?! With the mustard inside!?!

    I need to go here for a lunch or something. This looks fantastic!

  2. I've done a late weekend lunch here. And they make the bread wrapper thing -- not really a bun -- at the time they make the burger, so everything is as fresh and largely deep-fried as can be! Return visits are necessary.


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