Friday, February 8, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

The Super Bowl is usually an excuse to indulge on all things delicious while watching football. If my team, the NY Giants, aren't playing then my focus wanes. Sometimes the commercials are more interesting than the play of the game. Sometimes. This year is a toss up. I guess the most interesting or talked about thing was the blackout. Anyway, you don't want to read about sports on this blog. You care about food. We had a nice spread of appetizers to start the evening. We had sliced soppressata, prosciutto, and mortadella, pigs in a blanket, spanakopita, guacamole, warm crab dip, mozzarella, provolone, tallegio, and saria (or shrimp chips).

For dinner, it was all Parsi food. Shrimp curry, pattis, rice, and salad.
For dessert, leftover birthday cake which was shaped like a cheeseburger. Ms. Pastry Chef is awesome like that.


  1. Ms. Pastry Chef always manages to outdo herself!

  2. Did the blackout promote more eating and drinking time? I hope so. More shrimp curry!!

    Ms. Pastry Chef = Dessert Genius.


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