Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sushi of Gari 46

Every Christmas Eve, I make a special dinner for Mr. M&P and I. In the past I've made wagyu steak, lobster mac n cheese, chocolate mousse, a belated Thanksgiving meal, as well as my take on the Feast of Seven Fishes. This year, I was pumped to do a Feast of the Seven Fishes again but with different dishes. However, my work schedule got too busy and I didn't feel prepped mentally nor physically for the culinary challenge. So I called it off. Instead, we went out to eat at Sushi of Gari 46. This offshoot of the original has been on our list for a very long time but we never seemed to go. Not sure why. Timing, I guess. Anyway, we finally found our way there that night.

After looking over the menu, we decided to share a couple of appetizers then order a bunch of sushi and sashimi. We first started with the Agedashi Tofu ($7) in tempura sauce. I love tofu and I think Asians make them best. The silky smooth tofu was lightly battered and fried. A sweet salty sauce gives the right amount of flavor and seasoning.

Mr. M&P chose the Negimaki ($12) which is scallions wrapped with grilled steak and topped with teriyaki sauce. These were okay. Seasoned well and cooked properly. I'm just not crazy about this dish in general.
And now the sushi and sashimi. We ordered a lot. A whole lot. For the sashimi we had 2 pieces each of: otoro ($14 each), red snapper ($5.50 each), salmon ($4 each), and sea urchin ($8.50 each). For sushi rolls, we had: yellowtail ($7.50), fried oyster ($8), spicy tuna ($7.50), salmon skin ($6), and spicy scallop ($9.50). In general, I thought the sashimi was just okay. The freshness and the flavors didn't wow me. I didn't ooh and ahh over the otoro nor the sea urchin. It was standard fare. The rolls were better with the salmon skin and spicy scallop bring my favorites. Both with rich flavors that balanced out well with the rice and seaweed.
Sushi of Gari 46 was just okay. The fish was fresh but I wasn't overwhelmed with the flavors. I would put this in the average side of the record book. However, I have heard good things about the original location in the Upper East Side where customers are privy to special and unique flavors and techniques.

Sushi of Gari 46
347 W 46th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 957-0046

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