Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day: Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter

You may or may not know that every year for Valentine's Day, I have a tradition of eating fried chicken and drinking beer with Mr. M&P. It stems from my detest of the holiday with its abundance of crappy flowers and candies. Not to mention the limited prix fixe menus forced upon clueless restaurant patrons. So to go against all the fake love and sexiness that may ooze from this holiday (disclaimer: I'm not against love or sexiness. It should happen all the time. Not just one day of the year), I picked to do a very unsexy thing and that's eating my face off and drinking beer. Some people may find that actually sexy but not the commercial world we live in. So this year, I headed out to Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter in the East Village.
Bobwhite is a very small restaurant with about six two-top tables and some counter spaces. On their menu, they have three suppers (fried chicken, fried catfish, or farmhouse salad). There's also a handful of different sandwiches on the menu including several different chicken ones, pork chop, egg salad, and grilled pimento cheese. But I was there for one reason, the fried chicken supper ($11.50) which comes with three pieces of fried chicken (two dark, one white), a biscuit, and some cole slaw. Oh and the beer. I had a draft of Kolsch while he had a can of PBR. They also have wine for those who prefer to drink that.

When the chicken arrived after being freshly fried, it was still piping hot. I took a thigh piece and bit down. Wow, that was some good fried chicken. Well seasoned, crispy skin, and very juicy. In fact, the juice ran out onto the plate. Oh my, this was divine. I chowed down on the rest of the piece immediately. Next, I tried the biscuit which was soft, buttery, and flaky. It didn't feel heavy at all. This was excellent as well. The cole slaw, though not vinegar based as I would prefer, wasn't laden with mayo. It added the missing element that balanced out the plate altogether. Something fresh and crunchy. The next piece of chicken I tried was the breast. I made sure to keep the drumstick for last. The breast was also juicy but not as much as the thigh, naturally. But it was still well seasoned and very meaty. I was starting to get full so I moved into the drumstick before finishing the breast. Oh yes! It was juicy, tender, fatty and succulent chicken all wrapped in a crispy skin.
Mr. M&P and I also ordered a couple of sides to share. One was the Macaroni and Cheese ($4.50). It was lightly creamy and thick without feeling overly heavy. The pasta was well cooked and not too mushy. It had a unique taste and I thought they sprinkled nacho cheese Doritos on top. The waiter said it was just bread crumbs. I beg to differ. There's a taste that really reminded me of Doritos but in a very good way.
The Potato Salad ($3.50) was definitely the weaker of the two sides. It wasn't bad at all but wasn't impressive either. Soft pieces of potato coated in a mayo based sauce and a good amount of seasoning. Little bits of vegetables like celery was in there too. This dish was the only thing that we left unfinished on the table. However, if we had more stomach room, we would have definitely finished it all.
I really enjoyed Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter. The food was phenomenal especially the fried chicken supper. I would go back in a heartbeat. If there's any love on Valentine's Day, it would  be in the form of fried chicken.

Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter
94 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009
(212) 228-2972


  1. impressive turnaround on the post.

    glad Bobwhite treated you well. Gotta go myself now, hehe.

  2. Glad your Valen-chicken dinner went well.

    I think I'd also go thigh, breast, then drum too. :P

    Boo on mayo slaw! White man here don't like mayo!

  3. Must eat their chicken!! DroolzZz.

    I thought they served the supper with salad. I think cole slaw is better.

    Oooo, mac & cheese!

  4. Okay, yup, I'm going there next week now. Maybe tomorrow afternoon, even. You make the chicken sound nearly as good as mine!

    How big are those sides for $4.50? Your average ramekin or is that somewhat larger?

    1. They're pretty small. I would say your average ramekin.


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