Friday, March 22, 2013

Casa Mono

You know I'm really behind on my blogging. My friend, Dessert Zombie, recently asked when I was going to post about Casa Mono. We went out to lunch for my birthday back in January. Yeah, 2 months ago. Truth be told, I have posts dating back a year that I haven't done yet. Posts of places that deserve to be written about properly. Slowly but surely, they will be written. They may not be as detailed or smartly written (let's be real; I never write that way anyway), but at a minimum you'll get my good or bad opinion, and food porn. But in the mean time, I'm going to bounce to Casa Mono because damn that meal was good and most of all, Dessert Zombie asked about it.
I picked Casa Mono for one reason mainly: the foie gras dish ($19) with 5 different onions. The generous slab of pan seared foie gras, the sweet onions, and the tart vinegar sauce. It was a success on all counts. I drooled over this dish. As much as I wanted to gobble it all down at once, I savored it bit by bit. It was clear I wasn't going to share this dish that day. It was my birthday after all.
But we did share the other dishes. Starting with the Bacalao Croqueta ($9). Nice and creamy. The lemon aioli was interesting.
The Paella Croquetas ($16) with sea urchin topping was a let down. They just didn't taste as exciting as they sounded. We actually preferred the bacalao croquettas instead.
The Razor Clams ($15) were garlicky and delicious. Perfectly flash cooked.
I love oysters. So an order of the Fried Oysters ($14) was placed. Crispy, soft briny inside. Delicious.
The Fried Sardines ($15) was my pick and they were great. The bones were edible since they were fried crispy.
Dessert Zombie's must have dish was the Pork Belly and Octopus ($18). Interesting paring of flavors. Really rich and 2 pieces was just perfect.
I need to have my greens so the Brussels Sprouts ($9) was the perfect satisfaction.
My meal at Casa Mono was excellent. A glass of wine and plate after plate of delicious tapas made me very happy that afternoon. Sharing this with a friend like Dessert Zombie makes it even more special. Thanks for sharing with me!

Casa Mono
52 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 253-2773


  1. Thanks again for letting me join you for your lunch that day. Glad I got to try the place. The seating was tight but the food was pretty good overall. MmmMmmm those razor clams and my belly and tentacles!!

    Boo to the paella croquettes. All look and not enough substance, especially when compared to all the other delicious foods.

    And all you really needed was a lemon curd-y dessert to finish it off. :P

    Thanks for posting. Yay, food porn!!

  2. I have always enjoyed casa mono- if you go and they have the cauliflower a la plancha with crispy capers its really good. Bar jamon next door is great, just go early to beat crowds. The quartino is perfect glass and a half and the bar food menu is full of excellent snacks


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