Monday, March 18, 2013

FBM Potluck 12

Another FBM Potluck, another epic day of eating. For my contribution, I made roast suckling pork belly with  picked cucumbers and carrots. I multiplied the recipe and made 6 pounds instead of 4. But that didn't turn out that great as the outside of the pork overcooked (see the burned pieces) while the inside didn't render as much fat as I would have liked. I guess 4 pounds is really the magic number.

My other contribution was beef ho fun which is marinated beef flank steak cooked with rice noodles. Unfortunately, the noodles were compromised and turned out too soft. The flavor was there but the texture was not.
KC made muffaletta sandwiches: one with olive tapenade and the other with artichokes.
Here's a cross section of the sandwiches with layers of cheese and meat. I think she used a combination of ham, salami, and braciole.
Beer Boor made his famous fried chicken. It was very well seasoned inside and out. I made sure to eat one right out of the fryer, still hot and juicy.
A side of jalapeno cheese biscuits rounded out his dish. Soft, fluffy, and buttery.
Cheese brought stuffed peppers with beef and rice in a marinara sauce. A nice hearty dish. Normally, I dislike green peppers but these were good. I think my dislike of green peppers may only fall in the bell pepper category.
TT made enchilada lasagna with a good spicy kick and lots of meat. Two things that we all appreciate.
Nommables made bank khot which is a Vietnamese crispy pancake with ground pork and shrimp. These were really addicting. They were the perfect thing to snack on while we drank the night away. It was also nice that he kept making fresh batches throughout the night.
CT made Irish car bomb cupcakes with a Bailey's chocolate ganache center. These were moist and chocolaty. The perfect level of sweetness for all the salty foods we had.


  1. I changed my mind. Can you make ho fun for Friday? Or pork belly. It's only fair. ;)

    1. If you remind me for next time, sure.

  2. Awesome pork belly and goodies leading to huge pot belly.

  3. It took me four days to consume all the glorious leftovers. Thank you all for leaving me no fried chicken (I made chicken salad from the standby chicken parts I was also marinating) and no biscuits, but plenty of nearly everything else!


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