Monday, March 25, 2013

Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue

Not too long ago, a bunch of us went to celebrate Beer Boor's birthday at Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue. We're always up for trying a new barbecue place and Fletcher's had gotten good reviews. We were all curious enough to make the trek out to Gowanus on a snowy night.

Two very large platters of food was ordered along with several pints of beer. We ate pretty much everyone on the trays and cleaned it out. Smokey meat, good seasoning, and a nice ratio of fat to lean is the way to go at Fletcher's. The only things that disappointed us were the sides. They're small for being large sizes. We didn't think the price warranted the amount. Otherwise, the food was very good, the service at the counter was friendly, and the place had a nice buzz going on.
Half chicken $16
Brisket $6 per 1/4 lb x 2
Burnt Ends $7 per 1/4 lb x 4
St Louis Ribs (full rack) $40
Char Siu Pork Steak $7 per 1/4 lb
Coriander Pork Steak $7 per 1/4 lb
Honey BBQ Pork Steak $7 per 1/4 lb
Hot Links $4 per link x 2
Pork Belly $8 per 1/4 lb x 4
Fridge Pickles (large) $5
Mac & Cheese (large) $6
Cole Slaw (large) $6
Draft Beers $5-$6 each

Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue
433 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(347) 763-2680


  1. Hey, who photobombed the burnt ends?

    I was immensely pleased with virtually everything on the platters. Then again, you can't go wrong with burnt ends and pork belly and slabs of pork done three ways. I do wish their prices were more reasonable (especially considering the location). I'm impressed we managed to polish it all off! Thanks again for a tasty birthday dinner!

  2. So many good meats!

    My favorites in no particular order:
    Burnt ends
    Brisket (could have used more fat though)
    Pork belly
    Burnt ends (yeah they were good so they get double listed)

  3. That's a hot index. Meats were good.
    Too bad the sides just weren't worth it.


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