Monday, April 29, 2013

Fun Buns

Another food cart, this time Fun Buns (which at the moment has been in winter hiatus since November). This offshoot of the Bian Dang food truck only sells the popular Taiwanese buns which has hit the NYC food scene en masse in the last few years.

The day I went was pretty hot and I wasn't feeling particularly hungry. So I ordered the 2 bun combo ($8 for 2 buns, chips, and drink) for lunch when I normally would be able to handle 3 with no problem. Below, the pork belly bun yielded tender fatty pork belly sprinkled with crunchy peanuts and pickled mustard greens with a schmear of a sweet sauce with the likes of hoisin. The soft white buns kept it together and truly made it a street food. The pork itself wasn't very spectacular. There wasn't a pronounced flavor and it seemed a bit puny with the single slab that didn't even fit the width of the bun.
The spicy beef shank bun was slightly better. It had more flavor to the meat but the condiments and bread was still the same. Both were sloppily put together but the meat was spread out better/
Overall I wasn't very impressed with the buns at Fun Buns. The food lacked the intense flavor that I'm acquainted to and the whole thing just felt flat. Hopefully with their hiatus, they'll improve their recipe and assembly method going forward.

Fun Buns
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