Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot Kitchen

Another old post coming up from the dust. Hot Kitchen, the birthday destination for Nommables with the FBM crew. They do both hot pot and cooked dishes. We went for the cooked dishes this time in search of spicy, szechuan tongue numbing goodness.
Upfront, the tables are fairly spaced apart and open. However, we were sat way in the back, between the kitchen and the bathrooms. Really weird placement in fact. We were a large group and I think it was the only table that fit all of us but I still didn't like it. I blame my white friends for that.

We each picked a dish to share since everything is served family style. I had to have my dumplings so I picked the Sichuan Wontons with Red Oil ($6). It came with about 6 to a serving. Not enough for us so we got 2 servings. Nice plump dumplings drowning in oil. But not spicy really. Good pork flavor though.
Next, the Mung Bean Noodle with Spicy and Peppery Sauce ($6.50). Strips of gelatinous mung bean based noodles tosses in red oil and tons of spice. The bland noodles paired well with the flavors of the spice and oil. Again, not really that spicy. More like a dull heat.
It's been so long that I can't even remember what this dish is. I think it's Braised Sliced Beef in Chili Sauce ($15). I do, however, remember it being quite tasty and tender. Great to scoop over a bowl of rice.
Another dish I can't really remember the name of. But I do remember that it was diced rabbit stir fried in a chili sauce. The rabbit had so many little bones in it that it made it very difficult to eat.
The Beef with Cumin Flavor ($15) was good. Lots of intense cumin spice. But not enough to overpower the dish.
The Mapo Tofu ($11) was simple and satisfying. Firm pieces of tofu and ground pork in a spicy gravy. Another great dish to scoop over rice.
I think this is Dry Sauteed Chicken with 3 Kinds of Peppers ($14). This dish was the sleeper hit of the night. Tender cubes of chicken and crispy fried peppers. Those orange peppers were divine. So crunchy with the perfect amount of heat. They were like pepper chips.
And to round out the meal, Boneless Smoked Tea Duck with Buns ($21). Tender meat with lots of smoky flavor. A nice contrast to all the spices we were eating in the other dishes.
And because I need a balanced meal, I urged the order of Sauteed Snow Pea Shoots with Garlic ($14). Refreshing, tender, delicious.
While some dishes at Hot Kitchen were better than others, I enjoyed my experience. The seating was whack but the company more than made up for it. If I were to go back, those dumplings and that chicken dish on the top of the list. Oh and if you're wondering about the spice level, it wasn't very spicy. I handled everything quite well while the spice fiends were looking for more oomph. Maybe we can ask for extra spicy next time.

Hot Kitchen
104 2nd Avenue
New York, NY ‎
(212) 228-3090


  1. they sat us in the back because that is on of the designated hot pot tables since we were originally going to do that.

    chicken and peppers was great, but like szechuan gourmet better.

  2. It's our collective white guilt.

    I agree with the heat assessment, as Szechuan Gourmet still pounds this place on that benchmark. Remind me to try and replicate those crispy fried peppers sometime soon.

  3. Not too spicy at all.

    The chicken and deep fried peppers was delicious!


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