Friday, April 26, 2013


Once in awhile I look forward to not bringing my own lunch. That gives me the chance to try out a food truck. This time, I tried out Okadaman with Beer Boor in tow. I had a coupon that allowed me to purchase a certain dollar amount of food. It was more than I could eat so I offered  a free lunch to my friend.

I had the lunch special combo of 1/2 okonomiyaki (pancake) and half 3 piece karaage (fried chicken) - ($8). The okonomiyaki was fluffy like an omelet with a good mix of vegetables. They even added bonito flakes on top but that was lost after covering them with a plastic lid just to steam. The kaarage was white meat with 3-4 pieces in one container. The outside was crispy but it was extremely salty. It must be eaten with the white rice to balance it out. What this dish really needed was some pickled vegetables. That would have really completed it.
Overall, I thought the food to be just okay. There was no line to order nor no wait for the food. Which makes me suspicious that the food was precooked and kept warm.

The Okadaman food truck has been on a bit of a hiatus since Superstorm Sandy but they do plan on coming back this spring. Let's hope to an expanded menu and better quality.

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