Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strip House

A while ago when Mr. Haribo Mule came to visit, we went out for the usual steak dinner. This time, we picked the Strip House.
We arrived on time for our reservation but still waited upwards of 30-45 minutes. It wasn't just us. It seemed like everyone was waiting and the hostess was giving everyone the same speech. You know, that the table is just paying and will be leaving soon. A long while later, people go back up and ask what's going on. They clearly didn't have the reservations timed well that night. But alas, we waited.

When we finally sat down, the waiter was very friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed his service straight from the start. We started with an amuse bouche of creamy mushroom soup with parsley oil. A nice rich shot of warm soup to start the night off.
Normally, we don't order appetizers at steak houses. We prefer to order more sides. But how can I say no to thick sliced bacon? Mr. M&P and I shared the Strip House Roasted Bacon ($19) with a side of baby arugula tossed with Russian dressing. This was a great starter to split. Some salty, meaty, smoky pork balanced with a simple peppery salad.
Mr. Haribo Mule had the Lobster Bisque ($14) which was rich, creamy and sang of ocean flavors with a hint of brandy. Simple in its presentation but complex in flavor.
For my steak, I chose the 20oz Bone-In New York Strip ($54) cooked to medium rare. A large hunk of steak cooked until crusty on the outside. A bulb of roasted garlic garnished the plate.
Look at how pretty the meat is. So red and pink. Lots of juices. Mmmm, delicious. Well seasoned, good strong beef flavor, tender inside, but crusty outside.
And now the sides: black truffle creamed spinach ($12), brussel sprouts ($10), and crisp goose fat potatoes ($12). The sides were decent but nothing special. The truffle in the cream spinach was undetectable. They didn't have regular creamed spinach without truffles. The potatoes were crisp and the brussel sprouts tender and almost sweet.
And of course what's a trip to the Strip House without a piece of their famous chocolate cake ($16). I think it's something ridiculous at around 24 layers. It comes sliced in a huge wedge. It's enough to feed 6 people or more. Really perfect for sharing.
And with our bill came the house walnut pralines. Sweet as sweet can be.
I enjoyed my meal at the Strip House. The steak was good and the sides were fine. The wait, unfortunately, was pretty bad. I hope that it was an off night and that they do seat people on time on a regular basis. I have to note that there was a wedding party there that night. With that large party, timing could have been an issue.

Strip House
13 E 12th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 328-0000


  1. i went to Strip House years ago for a work dinner. It was one of the best steaks I ever had. perfectly seasoned with a nice crust and super tender on the inside.

    been wanting to go back.

  2. Wow, juicy steak and multi-layer CHOCOLATE cake sound wonderful. I think I have to go here sometime.


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