Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wildwood BBQ

For my birthday celebration with the FBM crew, I picked Wildwood BBQ because we all pretty much love barbecue in one way or another. On that cold night, we ventured out to try some food to see if it stood up to our favorite places in NYC.

We started off with the fried pickles and peppers ($8) and the loaded nachos ($10). The pickles were fried well being crispy on the outside and soft and sour on the inside. It was a bit greasy though so I guess not that well. The nachos were okay, not great with the layering but fine.
Then we shared the Pitmaster Pigout ($25 per person) with Kansas City baby back ribs, spare ribs, sliced brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage, and smoked chicken. I found most of the meat dry and just lacking.
It came with corn bread (bleh), coleslaw (double bleh), and 2 sides of your choice. Since we were 7 people, we had 4 sides of our choice. We chose tater tots (crispy goodness), brussel sprouts (okay), cheesy grits (decent), and aged cheddar mac n cheese (decent though the breadcrumbs were an afterthought).

And if that wasn't enough, I needed me some friend chicken: classic and spicy ($20) which came with mashed potatoes (smooth and creamy), cole slaw (yuck), and a biscuit (bleh). The spice level was the same for bother plates which is strange. However, the skin was crispy and the meat juicy. I enjoyed it more than the barbecue meats.
We ended the meal with a Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae for 2 ($10) which really fed all of us. This wasn't so bad. Really chocolaty with fudgey brownies and creamy ice cream.
Overall, the food was just mediocre. There's much better barbecue to be had in this town now. I wouldn't go back. But thanks to the FBM crew for showing me a good time.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the cole slaw was carrots with raisins.

Wildwood Barbecue
225 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003
(212) 533-2500

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  1. Agreed on most counts. The fried chicken skin was also too salty, and I'm a big fan of salt. But the grits were fairly good, as NYC cheese grits go.

    As always, the point was the people, and I think we managed to wish you a happy birthday quite well!


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