Friday, May 17, 2013

Henry's End

A few months ago, Dr. Mandoo wanted her birthday in Brooklyn. After looking at a few places, we settled on Henry's End located at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge. At the moment I entered the restaurant, I knew I would love it. It seemed like a small establishment but the people who worked there were putting their heart and soul into it. I especially loved my waitress, an older woman who could still be on her feet all day and get the orders right. She was a character that made our night really fun and enjoyable.

To start, I had the kale salad with anchovies and parmegiano cheese (~$10). This was a great appetizer. Light but still hearty with the roughly chopped kale dressed with lots of cheese. The anchovies on the side brought a delicious salinity to the whole thing. I really enjoyed this. Add a fried egg on top and it would be a meal on its own.
Another friend had the tuna tartare which they found very fresh and light. Another good start to the meal.
The tortilla crusted shrimp ($13) was quite impressive. Large prawns battered and fried. They looked really delicious and a generous portion.
And onto the main courses. Here's the game cassoulet ($27) with bean stew on the bottom, a whole duck leg confit on top, and rabbit and merguez sausages around the edge. My friend really enjoyed this rendition of the classic French dish.
Someone else had the gnocchi with wild boar ragout ($26) which was quite heavy but full of flavor. The nuggets of potato pasta drowning in a pool of wild boar and sauce so rich and thick. A really good winter dish.
The mustard seed crusted tuna ($24) over spinach was a thing of beauty. So lovely and pink in the middle with a crunchy crust. It was expertly cooked to our specifications.
I had the buffalo hanger steak with truffled fries ($29). The steak was cooked to my desired temperature but they pre-sliced it for me. I always frown upon that. I like to slice up my own steak. The sauce on top was a bit overwhelming for the delicate meat but the fries soaked that up nicely. If they had left the steak uncut with the sauce on top, it would have been better.
For dessert, we shared the 21 layer cake ($9) which was really nice. Layers upon layers of thin cake-like sheets with a creamy custard in between and a raspberry swirl on top. Slightly sweet but not overly so. Creamy custard and a slightly tart swirl.
And because it was a birthday celebration, we also ordered a mud pie ($9) which was ice cold but actually quite nice. A blend of coffee and chocolate ice creams with an oreo crust and hot fudge espresso sauce on top. Really creamy and delicious. A super large slice that was perfect for sharing.
I really enjoyed Henry's End. The food was very good, especially the special game menu. But really it was the endearing service that had us smiling all night. Between the waitress and the manager, we really had a wonderful time.

Henry's End
44 Henry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 834-1776

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