Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mr Trip to Paris, France: Cafe de l'Olympia

The morning before our flight to Marseille, I wasn't going to waste any last minutes in Paris. I needed to maximize the time. So in the morning fueled with croissants and coffee, I trekked out to find the cookware specialty store that I got lost trying to find the other day. Well, if history was any indication, I got lost again. I took a wrong turn and led my friends much further north than expected. Luckily I realized this just as we were due north of the location. So an inpromptu shortcut was called and south we went. Finally, we arrived at E. Dehillerin. Shelves and shelves of cookware both large and small. Pots and pans big enough to fit a humans and ladles to match. I left with a small ladle in hand a big smile on my face.

After gathering my purchase, we headed back towards the hotel to do some last minute souvenir shopping including chocolates and other edibles that we were bringing back. Once we packed our goodies into our bags, it was off to lunch. We were short on time since the airport wasn't very close so we just hopped into the a local cafe for lunch: Cafe del Olympia. It was very busy so service was quick hoping to turn tables over during the working lunch hour. Though the French do allow you to linger as long as you want without complaint.
At this time, I realized I didn't have a crepe yet so I ordered a ham and cheese crepe with a side salad. The crepe was very large and overloaded with cheese. Too much cheese isn't usually a bad thing but it wasn't well balanced. It became too heavy for the light crepe. It was kind of the bastardize American version of a crepe. Kinda harsh, I guess.

Mr. M&P and Ms. Poutine Esq had the croque madame with the fried egg on top. They said it was a really sad version of this classic French dish. Two slices of thing white bread, a really small piece of ham in the middle and cheesey mornay sauce on top. Even the egg was mediocre with yolk that wasn't runny.
Mr. Peanut Head had the best dish with his special salad. Well, if you can call it a salad. The bottom was lettuce and tomatoes. But on top he had large prawns, foie gras on toast, ham, poached egg, and smoked salmon. So much was going on in this dish. Not all the elements made sense together but he didn't mind. He tried to work his way through it as much as possible. Needless to say, he didn't finish it.
Ms. Lollipop had the French onion soup (or just onion soup as it is known in France) with beef stock, onions, and melted cheese on top. She said she had a version earlier in the week from another cafe that was much better. She couldn't taste the rich beefy stock in this one.
Overall, this was the worst meal we had in Paris. It wasn't terrible but it also wasn't very good. It was like a mediocre diner in the states. Food was passable at best but I wouldn't go back for more.

Cafe del Olympia
2 Boulevard Madeleine
Paris, France 75009
33 01 42 65 10 62

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