Monday, May 20, 2013

My Trip to France: Air France (JFK-CDG)

I always like to show what airplanes provide to their customers. It's a good way to remember to bring some of your own food to eat on the plane. Otherwise, you'll be served this stuff...well, that is if you're flying economy like me. If you're lucky enough to fly business or even first class then these pictures really wouldn't pertain to you. Food is significantly better in those sections of the plane, especially if you're flying internationally.

Below is my dinner on Air France flying out of JFK headed to CDG. The main dish was chicken with mushrooms in wine sauce with a side of pasta. Of course the chicken was ridiculously salty. It was mandatory to mix it with the pasta to make it the least bit edible. The accompanying cabbage salad was terrible. It has a sweet flavor and too soft texture. It was obviously overdressed. The dinner roll was cold and the brownie cake was disastrously sweet but not very chocolaty tasting. This meal was pretty much a disaster except for the Mott's apple sauce. Sugar free and green apple flavor, it had a nice refreshing tartness to it.

A few hours later, we were served breakfast which was a blueberry muffin, some yogurt, and orange juice. I didn't have anything except for the orange juice. The muffin was stone cold so it didn't seem very appetizing.
On my way back to NYC, we had a 4 hour layover in CDG. So we walked around our terminal looking for something to eat. Unfortunately, we were in the wrong section of our terminal. By wrong, I mean that it sucked. We weren't in the wrong area for our gate. Apparently, the area with all the good food (where I was supposed to eat a royale with cheese at McDonald's) was in the area above us which we had no access to unless we left security again. Sigh... Luckily, I was able to score some stinky cheese and sausage to eat. I should have gotten some wine as well. Oh, hindsight. Anyway, I noshed on some Saint Marcellin cheese and pork sausage. This wasn't too bad actually. The cheese was creamy and pungent while the sausage was fatty and tasty. The skin on the outside was a bit much but it easily peeled back.
We also found some ham and cheese baguettes at a kiosk. But this was one of the saddest sandwiches ever. The bread was chewy, the ham and cheese almost non-existant. Overall, it was just dry. We ended up putting the Saint Marcellin and pork sausage into the sandwich to offset the terribleness of it.
We boarded the Air France flight back to JFK and were served dinner promptly. This time, I had the vegetable ravioli. which was much better. The sauce wasn't overly salty and the pasta edible. Texture was all lost but it wasn't a deal breaker. The salad on the side was good as well. It was refreshing and light. Unfortunately the brownie was terrible again. The dinner roll was still cold but this time I was able to schmear a wedge of cheese on it making it much better. And lastly, the fruit smoothie seemed to be my dessert of choice but it exploded when I opened it. Splattered drops on myself and on my neighbor. Yeah, that was the end of that.
And for breakfast, they offered a cheese sandwich, yogurt, and orange juice. Again, I didn't eat anything except drink the orange juice which was just perfect for what I wanted.
Again, the food from the airline was terrible. However, flying back was much better. I think it's because the food supplier was in France instead of the US. And yet another reason to not eat the food provided by the airpine. Instead, just try to bring your own food. Trust me, you'll be much happier.

Air France

John F. Kennedy International Airport

Charles De Gaulle International Airport

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  1. As a vegetarian plane food snob i am a plane food packing pro :) whenever i travel abroad i go to a local grocery store and buy loads of "edible souveniers" for myself- i am still haunted by the green herb mustard from france that rocked my world......i hope you brought home some goodies too
    And all airport food everywhere is crazy expensive and just crappy. Even starbucks is more expensive at jfk than a regular store in the city!


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