Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Trip to Paris, France: La Fountaine de Mars

After lunch, we walked down Champs Elysses towards our hotel while stopping for snacks along the way (to come at a later post). After a quick stop, we headed back out towards the Seine for a sunset boat ride around the city. If you're looking for some theatrics in the spring season, take the 7:45pm boat ride from the foot of the Eiffel Tower. By the time you return back, the Eiffel Tower will light up before your eyes then glitter for a bit. You know, if you're into that and all.

After this long day, we were all beat. But we were still hungry. We made a late reservation to La Fountaine de Mars but were still pressed for time when we left the boat. The ride took longer than what they quoted. So as we rushed down the Paris streets looking for our restaurant, I got bombed by a local bird. In hindsight, I should have bought a lottery ticket as it's considered to be good luck. But what I really wanted was some food. So when we finally arrived to our destination, I was famished and quickly ordered.

Boasting a rich history of serving patrons since 1908, I knew I was going to have a very good meal. I knew I was going to have some seafood during the second half of my France trip in Provence but I couldn't resist ordering the full dole sole meuniere (€48). A whole fish cooked in clarified butter and lemon juice. More lemon garnished the dish with a good helping of creamy mashed potatoes. This dish was fantastic. Really fresh and accented nicely in buttery sauce and brightened up with lemon. The price was a bit steep but the quality of excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to order this again. I was extremely satisfied.

Ms. Lollipop had the seared foie gras with poached pears (€32). The plate had two very good sized portions of seared foie gras with each medallion being considerably more than 2 ounces each. The rich buttery pieces of fattened liver was paired well with the sweet pears poached until even sweeter. The dish could have used some textural contrast but otherwise it was lovely.
Mr. M&P and Mr. Matzo Ball both had the Sunday Special which was roasted free range chicken and mashed potatoes (€20). Though simple, they both raved about this dish. The chicken was expertly cooked being juicy and very flavorful. The mashed potatoes were super smooth, creamy, and well seasoned. The accompanying sauce tied everything together.
Ms. Poutine Esq had the duck confit with sauteed potatoes and curly lettuce (€25). She also enjoyed her meal very much. The duck was super tender from being cooked in its own fat which also added tons of flavor.
And finally, Mr. Peanut Head ordered the cassoulet (~€32). The dish first comes in a cauldron filled with the treasures of slowly cooked meats and beans in sauce and aromatics. The cauldron is removed to the side and the dish is beautifully plated for the customer. Wow, that's a lot of food but he finished it all. As the waiter picked up his empty bowl, he asked Mr. Peanut Head if he wanted more. MORE?! I guess you can have as much as the cauldron holds. Damn, that's a competitive eating contest in the making. Competitive eater; Mr. Peanut he is not. But he was very satisfied with his meal.
And for dessert, we had the vanilla bean flecked creme brulee (€10). The layer of sugar was thin and ready to be cracked. Slightly sweet but extremely smooth, this was a very well done creme brulee. I enjoyed this immensely.
And finally the black chocolate mousse (€11) which was extremely light but rich in flavor. A really nice chocolate dessert to end the meal.
I was really happy with my meal at La Fountaine de Mars. The waiter was friendly and the food superb in every aspect. Definitely one of the best meals we've had. I guess I did get good luck from that bad little birdie that shat on my shoulder after all.

La Fountaine de Mars
129 Rue Saint-Dominique
Paris, France 75007
+33 1 47 05 46 44


  1. I have been here! totally love this place - think I want to go back now!!!


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