Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Trip to Paris, France: Le Bis Repetita

One of the first formal meals we had in France was at a local brasserie that we stumbled upon. We were all quite tired from jetlag and walking and exploring Notre Dame. So without having to discuss too much about where to eat, we just dropped into Le Bis Repetita.

After looking over the menu, we decided to just have main courses. The portion sizes seemed decent. I opted for the duck breast in a pink peppercorn sauce with haricot verts (€23). A beautifully cooked duck breast left pink in the middle was extremely tender. The accompanying sauce was rich and flavorful. The string beans on the side were buttery and well seasoned. I had no issue finishing this plate.

Ms. Poutine Esq had the veal kidneys with sauteed potatoes (€26). I tried a piece and it was quite good. It didn't have the minerally flavor that comes with most offal which was a delight. The inside was left slightly pink but the outside was browned nicely. I'm not sure how much of this I could eat but it certainly was some of the best kidney I've ever had.
Mr. M&P, true to form, had the steak frites (€24). A pan seared ribsteak with fries on the side. He had no complaints about his favorite meal combo.
Ms. Lollipop had the grilled pig trotters with frites (€22). These little pig feet were extremely tender with lots of little bones to pick out from the gelatinous connective tissue. It's much better than it sounds. Lots of pork flavor, rich but not heavy. A true delicacy.
I really enjoyed the dinner here. It was casual but the food was very good. I also enjoyed the service. It was relaxing after a long flight. I would not hesitate to come back for a quick bite.

Le Bis Repetita
167 Rue Saint-Honoré
Paris, France 75001
+33 1 42 60 40 11


  1. I'm glad Mr. M&P got good M&P.

    I'd probably go for that duck and string bean dish as you did though.

    1. After the terrible in-flight meals, I needed vegetables that weren't potatoes.

    2. And those beans look really tasty.

      Too bad that Yvo got the good inflight meals.

    3. Eh, I'm usually sleeping anyway.

  2. M&P's dinner makes me want to go back to Les Halles.


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