Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Trip to Paris, France: L'epi D'or

After that gorgeous lunch at Le Cinq, we split up and walked around Paris. Mr. M&P, Mr. Matzo Ball, and I went towards the Pantheon to explore. Then we walked north through the Ile de Cite and around the Les Halles area. I was looking for a cookware specialty store but had gotten lost. Oops! But luckily, we made it to a wonderful street filled with boutiques and small food purveyors. We were on Rue Montorquiel. We stopped by a fromagerie, butchers, flower shops, and all sorts of places with goods. Normally, I would buy up a storm and have whatever I find for dinner. But we had already agreed to have dinner at L'Epi D'or. But I made a mental note to go back to Rue Montorquiel for my next trip to Paris. Oh yes, there will be a next trip.

So L'Epi D'or. It's a small bistro located on a small street that even the concierge had difficulty finding. But once we arrived, the place reeked of quirkiness from the decor to the service. Our waiter was friendly and amused us with his lack of English skills. We amused him with our lack of French skills. But food is a universal language. We eventually figured out the menu and what to order. For myself,  the special roast leg of lamb with a side of haricot verts. A giant hunk of meat landed in front of me but it was so tender that no knife was needed. The accompanying sauce tasted like a rendered version of the meat juices plus wine and aromatics. It's comfort food. And I loved it.

Sorry I didn't take pictures of any of the other dishes as it was quite dark in there. But for dessert, we had the baba au rum. A rum soaked cake with whipped cream and candied garnishes. They put a bottle of rum on the table if we wanted more of a kick. Soft cake, boozy taste. I enjoyed it though it wasn't the favorite for some of my companions.
Another delightful meal had in Paris. The food was simple and comforting while the service was friendly and quirky. Who said France was still uptight and snooty? It certainly hasn't been the case for me.

L'Epi D'or
25 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Paris, France 75001
+33 1 42 36 38 12

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