Monday, May 20, 2013

My Trip to Paris, France: Sandwiches

While I was in France, I ate a bunch of sandwiches because the bread is so awesome there. You see, I don't generally love bread like some other people but it made a difference to me in France. It was just that much better. Crispy crunchy crust, soft inside, and complex flavors from the flour and yeast. These French boulangers are truly masters of their craft.

Here is a foie gras and fig sandwich (€15) from Fauchon. Thick slabs of foie gras with fig spread. The richness of the fatty liver paired with the sweetness of the fig was perfect. Even the bread was good though slightly chewy. This made the perfect snack for 3 people on a shopping spree in the area. It fueled us just perfectly.

And for another quick lunch in Provence from La Mie Caline, we grabbed some sandwiches to go. I had the Poulet Complet (~€4) with grilled chicken, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce on a tasty baguette. This is what I wish our fast food sandwich places would be like in the US.
And finally a falafel sandwich (€4) from L'As Du Fallafel. Layers of freshly fried falafel, vegetables and sauce in a soft pita. This is a messy sandwich but they give you a fork to stab at it. This sandwich had lots of flavors and textures. A great falafel pita sandwich. Fast service and cheap. Definitely worth trying.

24-26 Place de la Madeleine
Paris, France 75008
+33 1 70 39 38 00

La Mie Caline
14 Rue de la République
Avignon, France 84000
+33 4 90 89 40 11

L'As Du Fallafel
34 Rue des Rosiers
Paris, France 75004
+33 1 48 87 63 60


  1. Holy moly! That's a lot of foie!

    I love me some baguette sandwiches. Favorite part of southern France.

    1. I dream of that sandwich.

      I love that people walk around with baguettes in their bags.

    2. That was soooo me! Roast beef with horseradish was my jam!

  2. Those sandwiches look AWESOME. Totally would get hooked on eating those.

    That Poulet Complet would be almost a rip-off sold here. So much more inexpensive there. -___-


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