Friday, May 3, 2013

Tia Pol

A night out with my coworkers. Nothing too crazy (ie: boozing like hounds) but more food centric this time. We hit up Tia Pol because who doesn't like tapas? Small plates, strong flavors, and a variety of foods.
We started off with the Chorizo ($5). Spicy, paprika heavy Spanish sausages cooked in a crock until sizzling and dripping with oil. Oil that is perfect for sopping up with bread.

The deviled eggs ($3) were not too bad. The whites weren't rubbery while the yolks were creamy with a hint of spiciness from the smoked paprika.
To lighten things up, I ordered the ensalada de alcachofa ($13) which is fried artichoke hearts with white asparagus and greens in a lemon vinaigrette. Really nice light salad that was well dressed. Lots of flavors from the artichoke and asparagus. Perfect spring salad.
We also ordered the special of the night which was the vierias ($20) with seared scallops and roasted brussel sprouts. The scallops were very small but cooked properly. A deep caramelized sear on the outside and tender, almost raw on the inside. The brussel sprouts could have used more roasting but the sweetness did come out nicely.
The croque jamon ($8) was also good with the creamy potatoes inside dotted with ham while a thin crispy shell held the whole thing together.
And lastly, the gambas ($13). We waited a little bit too long before diving into this and a skin had formed on the top of the crock. But no worries, it didn't stop us from sopping up all that delicious garlicky oil with an essence of shrimp. Oh yeah, we went through a decent amount of bread too.
I really enjoyed my meal at Tia Pol. The food was excellent and the service friendly. The space may be small and cramped but not to the point that it's uncomfortable or awkward. Forgot to mention that we especially enjoyed our pitcher of sangria ($34). I would absolutely go back for more.

Tia Pol
205 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 675-8805

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