Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Night: Murray's Cheese Bar

Towards the end of  one year, my friends thought that we weren't hanging out enough. It's true, we weren't. So they started Tuesday night get-togethers. Every Tuesday, we'll pick a bar to drink, eat, and hang out for a couple of hours. Whoever can make it will attend. If you're busy, it's okay. There's always next week. So this is Tuesday Nights on Tasty Eating where you will find bars that serve food and how we like them.

On this recent Tuesday Night, we headed out to: Murray's Cheese Bar

I've been wanting to try Murray's Cheese Bar for awhile. I'm a big fan of their store with the variety of delicious dairy and meat products they sell. What better way to explore their offerings than at their very own cheese bar. As their name suggests, this is hell for the lactose intolerant. Cheese pretty much is in every dish minus a couple of sides. What's bad for them is good for me.
We started with the Grilled Artichoke Hearts ($10) with some baby greens and buttermilk dressing. The artichoke was perfectly fine without the dressing. Lightly cooked and tender. A nice contrast to the heavier items. To the right of that is the Cheesemonger's Choice ($36) with 8 mix of cheeses and meats. I can't remember all of the items but they were really good. A nice balance of soft and mild cheeses to hard and robust ones including blue. The meats were equally satisfying. Some slices were fattier while others meaty. And on the far right, a crock of the Sweet and Sassy Pickles ($5). Tart, savory, and crunchy. Perfect for nibbling in between cheeses.

We also shared 2 orders of the Malakoff ($12 each) which is a fried gruyere beignet served with salad and mustard. This was fantastic. A light crisp coating yielding liquid cheese inside. I loved this dish and would absolutely order it again.
Next, the Buffalo Cheese Curds ($10) were a great snack. Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds doused in spicy and tangy buffalo sauce with a blue cheese dressing. The garnishes of celery complete the whole buffalo chicken idea.
The Grilled Oysters (6 for $16) were okay. The parmigiano cheese sauce was a bit overpowering and left none of the briny goodness speak.
And finally, the Mac & Cheese ($30 family style) was the piece de resistance. Chewy pasta covered in cheddar, sharfe maax, gruyere, and gouda sauce. The cheese was amazingly smooth and silky wrapping itself in each nook and cranny of the pasta. The fried onions on top were the perfect textural contrast. This was really good mac n cheese.
I really enjoyed my time at Murray's Cheese Bar. The service was really good and the food even better. I would not hesitate to go back again.

Murray's Cheese Bar
264 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014
(646) 476-8882

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  1. I want that... though I really dislike Scharff Max (no idea if I'm spelling it right) bc it's too stinky-plasticky for me. But my god, your entire meal looks fabu... mmm


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