Monday, June 24, 2013

Ichi Umi

One day, I met up with an old coworker for lunch. After throwing out a few places, we settled on Ichi Umi, the all you can eat Asian and Sushi buffet restaurant in K-Town. For lunch, the deal is $19 per adult. Not bad for the amount and variety you get. Though I'm sure there is more at dinner.
We arrived promptly at 12:30pm and it wasn't too crowded yet. At 1:30pm, the masses of tours came through and the place was swamped. With pushing and loitering, I was gladly done by that time.

I started off my meal with mostly cold items like sushi, rolls, tartare, yakitori, and salads. Everything was okay. It wasn't exemplary nor super fresh but just fine. It's the kind of quality you would expect from a generic deli. The tartare is a skip. I found 2 fish scales while eating. Obviously it wasn't cleaned properly.
The second round including some dumplings, sauteed beef, pork belly, seaweed salad, and tuna.
I didn't opt for a third plate (too many people) nor did I want dessert. I was wholly satisfied with 2 servings. Overall, I thought Ichi Umi was just okay. Quality wasn't great but it's difficult to get that with a buffet. The only buffet that I ever truly really enjoyed and raved about was the one at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. But that's a whole different level of buffet.

Ichi Umi
6 E 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 725-1333

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  1. you should go for dinner. The AUCE oyster and crab legs are worth it, though Bellagio is way better....


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