Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A while back Dr. Mandoo returned from her long stay in NC and came back to NYC where she belongs. First thing on the list, go out to lunch! I gave her full control on where to go and of course she picked Kajitsu. It was recently on my mind too so we're connected like that. I was really looking forward to a delicious vegetarian meal (yes, you read that right. I was happily anticipating this). You see, vegetables get a bad rap. They're delicious when prepared properly. And oh so satisfying. I'm not a vegetarian but I eat a lot of vegetables because they balance out my meals and my life.
So we met up and approached the restaurant without a reservation. We were offered upstairs or downstairs. Upstairs is traditional Japanese shojin cuisine which is similar to the foods that Zen Buddhists eat which does not include meat nor fish. I think the downstairs may provide some fish. We sat upstairs.

After we looked over the menu, I chose the Ichiju Sansai ($40) and she chose the Donburi ($18). What's with the large price difference?  Well I get 2 meals and she gets one. It's a significant difference in the amount of food. The first 2 pictures were my meal. Hers the last. My first platter of food included rice, miso soup, and a medly of vegetables. Wow! Just wow. The vegetables really shined. Clean yet earthy flavors. Each one tasted of its natural flavors yet accented beautifully with seasonings.

My second platter (I was quite content already at this point) came bubbling away with more vegetables and pickles. I couldn't tell what this was but I think it was either egg or tofu. It was really smooth and creamy. I saved some rice for this second dish and it was wonderful together. I really loved this dish and I don't even know what it is! I was stuffed beyond comfortable at this point. I needed to take a walk.
My companion also really enjoyed her donburi which was really generous in size too. They do not hold back here.
Even though I can't remember the minute details of this meal, I do remember my reaction and excitement. It was delicious. I would not hesitate to go back especially with this caliber of food, the amazingly sweet, friendly, and polite service, and the clean open atmosphere. The only thing I will skip next time would be the smoked tea that was offered after our meal. Boy, it was really smoky. I needed a cough drop after that one.

125 E 39th Street
New York, NY 10016
(212) 228-4873


  1. As a vegan, I should work my way there! Shojin cuisine doesn't use any animal product, so your dish wouldn't have any egg in it.

    Here's the menu FYI. :)

    1. Thanks for clarifying Kim! Good to know there's no animal product in Shojin cuisine.

      That's the new menu. The menu I had is no longer on their website.


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