Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Trip to Marseille, France: La Daurade

On our last day in France, we took the train to Avignon where to visit the Palais de Papes where popes used to reside before the Vatican. We also walked around the town exploring the small winding streets and stores. There weren't many options for lunch so we grabbed some sandwiches to go at La Mie Caline. Off we went on the train again, this time to Arles where we explored the ruins of two amphitheaters. It was a nice change of scenery with the Spanish influence of the city.

We headed back towards Marseille after a long day of exploring and took it easy. We didn't know where to have dinner and the concierge only suggest very spendy places. So we took our own chances and walked along the harbor again. We stopped in another restaurant at first but they didn't have any room to fit our large party. Instead, they walked us over to La Daurade explaining that it's very similar and good as well. So they put together some tables for us and we sat down.
Ms. Poutine Esp had the mixed seafood with vegetables including fish, mussels, and snails with potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, and haricot verts. She seemed to enjoy it.

Mr. Peanut Head also had a mixed seafood dish but this one with a creamy base. A whole fish along with mussels, snails, and clams. It was filling and satisfying.
Mr. Matzo Ball had the prix fixe menu which he started with the bouillabaisse which wasn't nearly as spectacular as the one I had at Miramar. I couldn't help but taste it too. It lacked the deep rich seafood flavor that they other soup had.
His second course was the daurade but with a small fillet this time with a roasted tomato, and salad.
Ms. Lollipop and I each had the raw seafood platter deluxe. They platted both together to save space. We each had 12 oysters, 6 clams, 6 mussels, 1/2 large crab, 3 prawns, and various snails.
A couple of squeezes of lemon and off we went and devoured this plate piece by piece. Below is my portion of the massacre. I left no delicious meat behind.
And finally the dessert. Mr. Matzo's third and last dish was a small coffee with some pastries and whipped cream.
The rest of us ordered a few things to share like the apple tarte tatin which was sweet with the caramelized sugar and apples.
The chocolate cube was rich yet not dense as we had suspected. We broke it down and ate it all.
Some fruity sorbet. Very blah.
And a chocolate shake which was very liquidy much like chocolate milk. We were hoping for a  mousse-like consistency but was surprised at what we received instead.
Overall, La Daurade was just okay. The food was mediocre and the quality could be better. Service was friendly but a bit inattentive. My dish was clearly the best of the night but it could have been a bit fresher. In the end, I would be okay coming back here but wouldn't choose to do so. There are better places to enjoy seafood in Marseille.

La Daurade
8 Rue Fortia
Marseille, France 13001
+33 4 91 33 82 42

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