Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Trip to Marseille, France: Le Miramar

After spending the day in Aix En Provence, we returned by train to Marseille and walked around the port city. We went around the u shaped harbor looking for a restaurant to eat that night. We stopped by Miramar after reading a few good reviews about their seafood. We made a reservation for that night and went on our way around some more.

When we returned for dinner we sat outside in a tented area that helped brace the wind for us. After we all ordered, some amuse bouche appeared. First, some toasted bread covered in a truffle cream with sliced black truffles on top. The earthy mushroom like flavor was intense in this one. You could smell it before you ate it. It was a nice start to the meal.

After that, we received a shot of fish soup with caviar and herbed oil. Rich yet light and the perfect amount to whet our appetites.
After looking over the menu, we all decided to forego the entree and instead only ordered main dishes. My eyes were set on the famous bouillabaisse. It was €60 per person with a 2 person minimum. Luckily, Ms. Poutine Esq was game. So we each ordered the classic French seafood soup. After while, this giant platter showed up with whole fish, shellfish, and other various seafood. I was really impressed. That's a lot of seafood. Presentation was stellar.
While the waiter placed the platter at the counter so he can plate it properly, we were served the soup first. An incredibly rich seafood soup that I can easily tell was cooking for a long time simmering away and reducing to something magical. A deep sea flavor of different kinds of fish, mollusks, bivalves, and much more. Wow, so much flavor. I was really happy.
But it doesn't stop there. The bouillabaisse is actually served in 3 different ways. The first was the soup, the second is the bouillabaisse spread. The soup is reduced even more and mixed with an aioli to make a spread. You take the toasts, rub garlic on it and spread the thickened bouillabaisse on it. It was magical. The intense seafood flavor, the pungent garlic, and the crunchy bread. I also tossed some into my soup as croutons. Amazing flavorful croutons. There was so much to go around so I made these amazing little toasts for everyone to share.
And finally, the final serving of bouillabaisse with more soup but this time laced with all that seafood. Tons of fish, mussels, and crab meat was found in the soup along with some potatoes. Wow, just wow again. Slowly I ate and ate until I finished all of it. Yes, I can house down seafood when it's not deep fried or glopping with mayo. And this was excellent.
Ms. Lollipop picked the linguine with clams and this huge platter came out. They placed it on top of a burner that kept it warm while she worked her way through it. And through the whole thing she did, every last strand of clam and garlic laced pasta. What was slightly different about this version of linguine with clams is that they used melted butter instead of olive oil. It was interesting and made the dish more creamy and richer than oil would have.
Mr. Matzo Ball had the daurade which came whole then filleted at the counter. He enjoyed it very much with the fish being cooked properly while remaining tender and flaky.
Mr. Peanut Head had the tuna steaks with polenta. Unfortunately, he ordered it medium and it came out well done. It was extremely overcooked and dry. It lacked tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. Everything good about tuna was sapped from it. I told him to send it back but he declined. He did finish most of the dish though.
Mr. M&P had the fish of the day. Unfortunately, we don't remember what kind of fish it was. But it was served 2 ways one being grilled with vegetables on top and the other fried. The middle was a thick sauce and unfortunately again he still doesn't remember it. He did, however, remember that we enjoyed it.
After dinner, we skipped dessert but was given this plate of mignardises with our check. Some financiers, marshmallows, pate fruits, and candied almonds.
I really enjoyed Le Miramar. The bouillabaisse was incredible. And even at €60 per person, it was still well worth it with 3 different servings. I wouldn't hesitate (except for the price) to go back.

Le Miramar
12 Quai du Port
Marseille, France 13002
+33 4 91 91 41 09


  1. This entire meal looks so legit.

  2. Ho-le crap. That all looks so good.

    The cook probably messed up the tuna because who the hell orders it medium? Just sear it, that's all!

    1. I thought that too. Rare is the way to order tuna steaks.


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