Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Variety of Parsi Food

Here's a great mish mosh of a few Parsi dinners I've had in the last few months. All cooked by Mrs. Pattis Magician. Enjoy!

Budja (fried onion fritters) and fried chili peppers. Both addicting. The latter is a Russian roulette on spiciness.
Green chutney sandwiches. These help save your palate from the spicy fried chilis.
And my personal favorite: kevabs (grilled beef meatballs with spices, onion, and cilantro). The grill makes a HUGE difference.
Shrimp masala. This is becoming one of my more favorite dishes. Creamy spiced sauce, lots of shrimp, and cilantro to balance it all out.
Chicken tikka. Deliciously marinated chicken thighs with fried potato strings and cilantro. There's pretty much cilantro (or coriander as they call it) in everything.
Lamb pulav (rice dish with lamb meat topped with eggs and caramelized onions) with raita on the side (a thick yogurt based sauce with spices).
And the salad. In the summer, we included avocados and pine nuts.
And the dessert for the night (it was for my birthday), Ms. Pastry Chef made a cheeseburger ice cream cake. It was so wonderful! I mean look at that. And absolutely no fondant in this cake.
When you slice into it, you get this great cross section. Look at all the components from the cake buns, to the chocolate ice cream burger patty, to the creamy frosting lettuce and cheese, red velvet cake tomato, and custard mustard. Amazing!
At another dinner party, we enjoyed pora (omelette with spices and onions), spinach kevabs, and taraporipatio (spicy fish sandwich).
Some cheese and crackers.
Then the main courses with chicken in a tomato cream sauce. Not sure what the Parsi name of this dish is.
Shrimp pulav. This rice dish is very versatile with whichever protein you choose.
And pattis. The glorious pattis. As one friend put it: it's a self contained cottage pie (but Parsi) with seasoned ground beef in the middle wrapped in mashed potatoes then deep fried. As I said, glorious.
And more salad.
For dessert, cheesecake was on the menu that night with a drizzle of raspberry sauce. And for the chocolate fiends, Oreo truffles.
For Mr. M&P's birthday, we had budja and fried chilis to start.
Green chutney sandwiches too.
And lots of kevabs! So good!
Dinner was pattis, chicken curry, and salad. Simple but his favorites.
And dessert was a hazelnut chocolate mousse cake by Ms. Pastry Chef. Again his favorite and rightly so. This cake is really light but has so much flavor. So good.
And Oreo truffles to end the night.
And most recently, a card party dinner. Here is more that tarapori patio (spicy fish sandwiches).
 And a chicken dip which was sweet and spicy. Really addictingly good.
 Kolmi na kevab (fried shrimp balls) and fried spinach kevabs.
 Some delicious shrimp pulav (a seasoned rice dish).
 And the glorious pattis. A favorite of everyone.
 Dunsak (a split pea/lentil based creamy dish). Perfect with rice.
 Bida (okra) stew. A new one for me but really good. It had a tart savory flavor. Texturally it was chewy and not slimy at all.
 Fresh salad with avocados and croutons.
 Rotli for those who enjoy a bit of bread with their meals.
 And for dessert, Ms. Pastry Chef made fresh walnut and chocolate chip cookies with homemade dulce de leche ice cream.
 And for those seeking something more light and refreshing, watermelon.
Hope you enjoyed all that Parsi food. I certainly enjoyed eating all of it.

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