Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gorilla Cheese Food Truck

Another day without bagged lunch is a day that I get to explore the food truck world. On this day, I kept it simple and went to the Gorilla Cheese Truck. Carbohydrates and cheese for lunch? Why not?

I was ready to order a classic grilled cheese but opted for the special instead which was a pastrami melt with swiss cheese, cole slaw, and sun dried tomato aioli. ($7). With that I also ordered a side of tater tots and a drink for $2 extra.
The grilled cheese sandwich itself was very sad. It was flattened to oblivion. I lifted one side of the bread and inside I found 2 sad thin slices of pastrami, a sprinkle of cole slaw, a little melted cheese, and no aioli. If there was aioli, I certainly couldn't taste it. The bread was too soft even though it was toasted. I wanted a crispy grilled cheese with soft gooey inside. This was disservice to grilled cheese. The tater tots were nicely fried and crisp but wasn't anything special. It was similar to the frozen to fryer kind of tot.

Overall, I was very disappointed with the Gorilla Cheese Truck. Did I order wrong? Should I have foregone the special and ordered a regular grilled cheese? I don't think the problem with the bread would have changed though.

Gorilla Cheese Truck

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  1. Shouldn't they do cheese well? What a sad pitiful sandwich.

    I think Goats didn't like them either. Well, I know he had an opinion at the very least...


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