Monday, July 22, 2013

Maison Kayser (UES location)

After my trip to France, I fell in love with bread. I never loved bread like some people I know. It was there, it was tasty, but love? Nope. But France changed that. It showed me what bread really should be like. Growing up with sliced bread from the supermarket was what I was used to. It's what I still continue to use. But really, there's so much better. Fresh baked bread with crusts so hard but insides so soft. It's something magical and takes a lot of talent and experience to master that. One of our favorite boulangeries in Paris was Eric Kayser. So when Mr. M&P and I heard that he had an offshoot in NYC, we were thrilled. We trekked out to the UES to find delicious bread, pastries, and breakfast. *Update: Maison Kayser is currently expanded to Flatiron, Midtown, and Columbus Circle.*
Brunch was pretty busy on this Sunday morning but we scored a two top table quickly. Be prepared to be very close to your neighbor. We looked over the quick menu and I picked the Croque Madame ($14) which is an open faced sandwich with toast topped with ham, gruyere cheese, bechamel sauce, and a sunny side up egg. The portion size was big and they did not skimp with the ingredients. I was really happy with my sandwich though the egg was slightly overcooked and not completely runny.

Mr. M&P has the Egg and Sausage Tartine ($12) which came with an abundance of scrambled eggs, sausage, mixed vegetables, and cheese. It was a hearty and heavy rendition of an American breakfast. I thought it was too heavy and that it wasn't well balanced. Though, Mr. M&P liked it just fine.
We also shared a baguette with butter and jam. Unfortunately, they forgot our butter and we had to ask a random service guy as our waiter seemed to disappear after taking our order. The butter we received was cold. That doesn't make it easy to schmear on a baguette. But the butter and jam is secondary anyway. We were there to reminisce about our experience in Paris with baguettes. And this was a close second. It wasn't the same but we weren't expecting it to be. But it was very, very good. We left happy.
We enjoyed our sit down meal at Maison Kayser and also the pastries we took with us from the shop. How could we resist! Although there were a few hiccups in service, the food more than made up for it. We'll return for the bread!

Maison Kayser
1294 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 744-3100

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  1. I went recently just to buy bread- the olive roll was mind boggling. Tons of kalamata olive pcs with a nice chewy inside and firm crust. But the tumeric walnut hazelnut bread changed my life!! It is beyond bread. Gorgeous crust but not too hard, entire hazelnuts and a bright yellow soft inside. The multi seed bun had a great mix of flavors and was a great sandwich.


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