Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A while ago, Mr. M&P and I headed to Smorgasburg for the first time. Yes, first time. Not sure why we waited this long. Oh wait, it involves a weekend trip to Williamsburg. That's why. Anyway, we found a free spring Saturday and headed out to Brooklyn on a sunny afternoon. We aimed to get there around 11:30am about a half hour after opening. There were plenty of people around already but the place was still functional. By the time we left around 1pm, it was swamped and lines were long. Yeah, my first advice to you is to go at 11am. The vendors will already be set up.

The first thing we tried were the pigs in a blanket from Brooklyn Piggies. These little nuggets of mini hot dogs wrapped in flaky buttery dough was delicious. The accompanying mustard gave it a good kick. Tasty indeed! But 5 nuggets for $8 was quite pricey. This was the kind of pricing we found pretty much everywhere at Smorgasburg.
We wandered around the area and scoped out which stands we wanted to hit. It's kind of like scoping out a buffet before diving in.
One stop were for oysters on the half shell from Brooklyn Oyster Party. Don't be shy. These were very fresh and delicious. Shucked to order. Briny, clean, sweet, salty, supple, creamy, delicious.
The line at the Milk Truck was pretty long but we were craving a grilled cheese sandwich. Yes, I know there's an actual food truck that roams the city but I haven't been able to get to it yet.
And we certainly got it a grilled cheese sandwich. A well melted buttery sandwich. The bread was crispy while the cheese was melted and gooey. I can appreciate a grilled cheese without being smashed like I've had at a lot of other places. This was well executed.
We also hit up Scharf & Zoyer to visit our friends working the booth, both ChiefHDB and Feisty Foodie.
We also stopped by for some food and were convinced to get the tuna melt on an everything croissant. Tuna salad and vegetables stuffed into a savory yet buttery croissant. This thing was big and filling but cost effective. I think it was the best deal at Smorgasburg. As I was eating it, some stranger stopped in his tracks, stared, and ask what I was eating. I'm not a sexy eater when I'm standing so the delicious sandwich overcame any gross faces I was making while stuffing my face.
And off we went again to find some more food. This time we stopped for some tater tots from Bossa Nova.
These tots were very good. Perfectly fried outside and soft tender inside. A great snack while we waited on other lines.
Like at el gato nacho. Made to order nachos.
Homemade tortilla chips, and very fresh ingredients on top. I really enjoyed these a lot. Fresh, filling, crispy, hot, delicious. Really, everything was so well executed.
And now the lines were started to get long, especially at the Lumpia Shack.
Filipino spring rolls seemed to be all the rage at Smorgasburg . It was delicious. Again, well fried crispy outside. Soft meat inside. Such a winning combination in life really.

By now, we were full from all the food we ate but there was still some room for dessert from The Good Batch. Ice cream sandwiches were on the menu.
I had the browned butter oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich. You can't tell from this picture but it was huge. I mean 2-3 person huge. It's the size of my entire hand. And I ate it all. Hahaha! A group of people stopped again and looked at it while I was eating. I told them it's an ice cream sandwich and where they could find it. They were amazed and asked if that was the only thing I ate. Oh amateurs. I ate all that other stuff before ending with this doozy.
Mr. M&P had the cookie dough ice cream sandwich which was more akin of a giant bon bon being chocolate covered and all. None the less, it was delicious.
I really enjoyed Smorgasburg and my initial biased opinion was quickly squashed as I ate my first bite of food. The variety of options is wonderful and the people working the tents/booths are always friendly. The vendors change around every week so it's best to check the website if you're looking for something specific. And of course, all this is best enjoyed before 12 noon. No amount of delicious food would have me enjoy an overcrowded event with long lines.

N 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 928-6603


  1. CT & I went a couple weeks ago for the first time too!

    Quite enjoyable, bunch of different vendors than you had.

    Would like to go back in the Fall when it is a little cooler out.

    1. Agree. I'd like to go back again but it's too hot now.

  2. Gotta love your friends for visiting, for sharing, and of course, for defacing your pic so no one will recognize you. Captain Morgan was here?
    Hahaha, sounds like an awesome experience. Every time I've walked around past a certain time, I want to punch people.

    1. I was hoping you would notice that.

    2. I sent it to her...

  3. You have to go back for Cemitas!


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